The Plant maintains its multi-feedstock capability utilizing acid pre-esterification / base trans-esterification and is rated for 7.5 million gallons per year. The maximum achieved run rate for the Plant would put maximum plant capacity at around 7MM gallons/year when the Plant runs on the highest cost sub 1% low Free Fatty Acid (FFA) feedstock. Running on up to 4% medium FFA feedstock, Based on the current configuration and availability of feedstock, recent studies and actual production indicate the capacity to be between 5 – 7.5 million gallons per year. Capital Biodiesel plans to operate the Plant at 7MM gallons of capacity after the initial ramp-up period.

Grease to green

Additionally, the Plant utilizes its eight 5,000 gallon stainless wash tanks with automated magnesium silicate delivery and high capacity horizontal filter press for final polishing. Capital Biodiesels economics are competitive and process times are consistent with the industry. The Plant contains large on-site, indoor flexible storage for feedstock, finished product, or co-products. There is also a full glycerin refinement line for acidulation and separation of glycerin/FOG.



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